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Cave Diving Sites


Song Hong Cave

Song Hong main lakeSong Hong main lake

The Song Hong cave system is located in Thung Yai village  and is reached by a four hour drive from Phuket. The name Song Hong means 'two rooms' in Thai and is so named because of the two lakes that are side by side and give access to the system.

The main lake is about 60 m across and in itself is about 100 m deep. It is through this lake that you will find access to the cave entrance which has so far been explored down to 177 m. Song Hong does not look like your typical cave as the sheer size of it means that at any one time you can only see one wall of the cave.

The second lake is smaller, at about 20 m across and is separated from the main lake by a small stretch of land. From this lake you can traverse to the main lake at around 40 m.

Habitat at Song HongHabitat at Song Hong

There are permanent lines laid at varying depths throughout the cave system and a habitat has been placed at around 6 m (depending on the current water level in the lake). Visibility in the shallows can be average to poor but in general the deeper you go, the clearer it gets and below 60 m is usually pristine.

The full range of cave courses can be conducted here as the lake offers both cavern and full cave environments. For those wanting to do expeditions here you will need to be full cave certified and preferably have training in decompression procedures due to the depths, penetration distances and complex navigation you will encounter. 

This is perhaps our favourite destination here at First Buddy and we visit Song Hong many times each season.

Diving expeditions here are generally a multi-day event and include private transport from Phuket. We take our own compressor, booster and mixing panel and mix all our gasses on                                                    site.


Accommodation at Song HongAccommodation at Song HongComfortable accommodation is found at a resort about 20 minutes drive from Song Hong. 

The rooms here are new and spacious and each room is air conditioned and has it's own en suit. The food here is absolutely amazing, full american breakfasts are available and dinner is usually a delicious Thai meal.

For further information including expedition prices please contact us.



Sra Kaew Cave

This cave system is  located near Krabi and is comprised of three nearby lakes. But that's where the similarity ends. Sra Kaew has been likened to a worm hole and just keeps going down. The greatest depth that has been reached here so far is 240 m by Ben Reymenants of Blue Label Diving.


Wreck Dive Sites


MV Sea Chart 1

Located off the coast from Khao Lak, about 1.5 hours drive north of Phuket, this 84 m long cargo ship lies on the starboard side in 40 m of water. She sank in 2009 as she was transporting over a thousand teak logs from Myanmar to Vietnam and these logs are still secured to the deck to this day.

Do not let the relatively shallow depth deceive you into thinking this is an easy dive. Even with careful planning and timing there is still usually a very healthy current around this wreck. While you may see single tank recreational divers around the shallower parts of the wreck we only recommend decompression divers tackle this site.

With adequate gas planning this wreck is an amazing dive. The sheer size of it means that there is plenty to explore and see.

We generally conduct this dive as a day trip. Private transportation is taken from Phuket to the pier at Tap La Moo where we rent a private long tail to take us out to the wreck. Multi-day/multi-dive trips can be arranged upon request if you would like to further explore the wreck.