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Technical and Cave Diving in Phuket, Thailand

Here you will find information about technical diving trips available from Phuket. There are many deep cave systems that are located in the nearby Krabi region as well as ship wrecks located along the coast at technical diving depths.

For those looking to take the step into the technical or cave diving world your courses will be run at some of these locations. Check out these links for course and pricing information.

For qualified technical and cave divers expeditions to these sites are available. For further information and prices please contact us.


Technical Diving

Technical diving is a form of diving that exceeds the no decompression limits of recreational diving, usually involving deeper and longer dives. Safety is the number one priority in technical diving and this is ensured by the use of specialised equipment and techniques and advanced training courses.

Technical diving courses teach the theory and skills required for decompression dives and they also focus on increasing a diver’s ability to independently handle problems underwater. This leads to greatly increased confidence in any diving situation and allows divers to enjoy the underwater world much more than in standard recreational diving.

Quickly gaining in popularity is Sidemount diving which can be utilised for both recreational and technical dives. This is a great way for you to try out the world of technical diving, even without doing decompression dives, as the theory, techniques and skills you will learn in the TDI Sidemount Course are also used by the most advanced technical divers.

Sidemount diving requires a specialised harness that allows you to carry two tanks, one under each arm. This creates an effortless, streamlined swimming position under the water and also doubles the amount of breathing gas you can carry giving you longer and more enjoyable dives. This configuration is perfect for underwater photographers and gives many benefits for those interested in exploring caves and wrecks.

Is Sidemount diving for me?

Sidemount diving is the perfect first step for divers of any experience level who want to take their diving beyond the traditional recreational diving. It is also ideal for underwater photographers or videographers as the Sidemount configuration makes maintaining your position in the water easy. Sidemount harnesses systems are lighter and more compact than traditional recreational BCD’s making them a great option for travellers. Also, when diving Sidemount the tanks are generally carried into the water by hand leaving you free and manoeuvrable on dry land, even in full kit.


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