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Special Diving Deals on Tablas Island

See below for our current specials for diving on Tablas Island. 


SSI Deep & Nitrox Specialy Combo 


Want to extend your limits underwater?

Want to learn how to safely dive deeper and longer?

Then the SSI Deep and Nitrox specialties are what you need.

Nitrox will allow you to extend your no decompression limits by reducing the amount of nitrogen you breath underwater. The less nitrogen you breath, the less your body will absorb during a dive meaning longer dives and shorter surface intervals within no decompression limits.

The Deep specialty will extend your depth limit to 40 m and teach you all you need to know to safely reach this depth. You will learn how to plan for deeper dives and learn additional skills required for deep diving.

Don't trust just any instructor to teach you these important skills.

Come to Tablas and learn from a qualified technical diver. Chloe is certified to the highest level in open circuit diving (TDI Andvanced Trimix, depth 100 m) and has a thorough understanding of just what is required to safely dive deeper and longer. She will teach you the important aspects of deep diving to ensure you can dive in the safest manner possible.  

The courses include four boat dives over two days. Two of the dives will be conducted using Nitrox as the breathing gas.


Price: P 15 800

That's a saving of over P 5 000!

Only available for the first 10 customers so book now and save.