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Diving on Tablas Island, Romblon Province, Philippines

General Diving Conditions



The water temperature varies from around 26 Celsius in the dry season to approximately 23 Celsius in the wet season. Visibility is usually good to excellent with the worst visibility still about 10m and 20m+ is common. Currents around the island are generally mild and most dive sites are close to the shore.

Diving depths vary from 5 - 100 m and the numerous walls around the island make it possible for novice recreational divers, freedivers and technical divers to enjoy the same dive sites. Reefs around the island are extensive and you can jump in the water almost anywhere and find amazing views. See caves are also common as the island is based on soft rocks.

Right now our diving is based around two areas of Tablas Island; Binucot Bay in Ferrol and the Blue Hole on the northern end of Tablas. We offer different diving experiences in each location and it is highly recommended that you spend enough time on Tablas Island to explore both diving areas so you can truly appreciate the beauty of the underwater world here.

The diving here is virtually unexplored and we are continually finding new dive sites. This is diving the way it should be, exploring the unexplored, finding the secrets hidden under the water. While we are more than happy to dive our regular sites we also welcome any diver who would like to help us explore what this island has to offer.

Diving From Binucot Bay 

Diving from Binucot Sunset Cove Resort is logistically very easy. The home reef in the bay is accessible at any time of the day or night just by walking off the beach and numerous sites can be reached by just a 5 minute boat ride. The furthest site we have discovered so far is about an hour’s drive away. However, the diving here is virtually unexplored and we are continually finding new dive sites.

Banka Dive BoatBanka Dive Boat


Binucot BayBinucot Bay


The Resort operates a small diving boat which can comfortably accommodate seven recreational divers. Two dive boat trips run at varying times of the day; where possible we try to dive with the tides and prevailing weather conditions to give our divers the best diving experience. During the surface interval light snacks and hot and cold drinks are provided and are included in the price.


Diving the Blue Hole of Tablas Island

First Buddy Tablas is the only dive centre that runs multi-day diving trips to the famous Blue Hole of Tablas Island. Not only do you get to experience the majestic beauty of the Blue Hole on these dive trips but also the many other incredible dive site on the north end of Tablas Island.

You can see full details of the Blue Hole diving trips here or take a look at some of the photos and dive sites from the Blue Hole and surroundings.

Our accommodation during these trips is the magical Paksi Cove Resort, the closest accommodation to the Blue Hole. Paksi Cove Resort is built in the cliff faces surrounding three coves with with sand beaches. The resort can only be reached by boat so you are assured of absolute peace and quiet during your stay.

All of our diving trips are fully customisable so you can be sure to experience everything you could want during your stay on Tablas Island. Talk to us today for more information!