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Other Activities on Tablas Island

Want to see what else Tablas Island has to offer?

We can organise custom tours to show you all of the magnificent, untouched beauty of Tablas Island. From waterfalls to caves and pristine beaches that you can enjoy without the hassle of crowds of tourists. Tablas Island is your private island paradise.


Island Tours

For those wishing to explore the sights on dry land Tablas Island offers some spectacular scenery as well as beautiful waterfalls and dry caves. Guided tours can be arranged through Deo's Islands Ad'ventures and are completely customisable by you so you get to experience exactly what you want.

Tours are all inclusive of transport, meals and snorkelling equipment.

A typical tour will include a trip to the local markets to purchase fresh food for lunch followed by a customised sight seeing tour. Lunch will then be cooked and served at a local Filipino residence to give you authentic experience of local life. 

For further information and bookings please contact us.


Water Sports

Tablas Island is the perfect setting to enjoy the water. The white sand beaches and abundant coral and marine life make for some stunning snorkelling sites right here in Binucot Bay. Snorkelling equipment is available for rental from First Buddy Tablas.

For guests at Binucot Sunset Cove Resort there are two kayaks available for use free of charge. Both kayaks are suitable for two people and one has a transparent bottom so you can enjoy the amazing coral and fish life from above the water.

Binucot Sunset Cove Resort also has Top Cat sailing boats available for use. If you have never sailed before but would like to experience the peace and beauty of sailing we have experienced sailors available to take you on a tour of the nearby coastlines. If you are already a confident sailor you can take the Top Cats out on your own to explore.