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Technical Diving Courses and Expeditions Schedule, Finland 

In the summer time from May until August we run technical diving courses and expeditions in Finland, Europe and Russia upon request. If you are interested in continuing your diving education in a cold and demanding environment, or just want to enjoy the stunning mines and caves here you have come to the right place.

Please see below for for scheduled courses, expeditions and availability for next summer. If you would like to join any of these courses or expeditions, or you are looking to complete a different course please contact our TDI Instructor Pekka directly.


Course Schedule for 2016 :

Start Date Location Course Availability
 June  Oravikoski  Adanced Trimix  Full
 June  Paakkila/Oravikoski  Mine Diver Level 2  One place
 July  Savo Region  Megalodon Helitrox  One place