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Similan Islands Dive Sites

The Similan Islands can be reached on a single day trip, but you would like to stay there much longer. It is more common, and you will get to see so many more amazing site if you go on one of the many liveaboard dive boats.


Anita's Reef

Depth 0 – 30 m. Despite the name this site is open to any divers. This is and ease dive site full differently coloured corals and bright reef fish. Often seen here are leopard sharks and you can find stingrays hiding in the sand. Definitely one of the best dive sites in the Similans.


Elephant Head

Depth 0 – 30 m. This is a very exciting dive site made up of giant boulders around 30 m in diameter. You can find many swim through and caverns and small reef sharks are regular visitors. With luck you can also see turtles and manta rays.


Koh Bon

Depth 0 – 45 m. Located about 20 km north of the Similan Islands, Koh Bon this magnificent wall offers a diverse range of marine life. On the south-west corner of the island the wall continues down to 45 m. You will often find leopard sharks and is a great place to see giant manta rays.


Koh Tachai

Depth 0 – 35 m. This is the perfect site to do multi-level dives as there are three different levels of the reef. Whale Sharks and manta rays are a common site here as well as batfish.


Richelieu Rock

Classed as one of the finest dive sites in the world Richelieu Rock is a horse-shoe shaped rock formation located 18 km East of Surin Island. Not only are mantas and whale sharks common here but you will also find large schools of barracudas and snappers. The shape of the rock offers a natural refuge for small fish and is you look carefully you will find many seahorses.


East of Eden

Depth 0 – 25 m. This site consists of rocks that are encrusted in hard corals. This is one of the rare places you can catch a glimpse of guitar fish and snappers and turtles also thrive here.


Boulder City

Depth 0 – 30m. As the name implies this site is composed many large boulders. Gorgonian fan corals a plentiful here. Boulder City is home to most of the fish from the film Finding Nemo, particularly surgeon fish. This is also a fantastic site to see giant manta rays.


Shark Fin Reef

Depth 0 – 35 m. This reef stretches for several hundreds of meters and at low tide some of the reef is above the surface. Some of the wide variety of marine life you can find here includes box and leopard fish and turtles. Divers tend to fall in love with Shark Fin Reef as you can find many swim throughs that are covered in soft corals and the visibility is generally very good.