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Dive Sites in Phuket, Thailand

These sites are visited by the day trip boats that depart from Chalong Pier in Phuket. There are boats going to every site each day and, depending on the vessel, you will conduct either two or three dives in a day.


Racha Yai

Depth 5 – 30 m. Racha Yai is an island near to Phuket and offers calm and clear dive sites making it one of the most popular diving destinations. The East side of the island is rich in colourful corals and fish and artificial reefs have also been built in places to attract even more marine life. Here you will also find the wreck of a passenger ferry; at a depth of 15 – 20 m this wreck can be enjoyed by divers of any experience level. The west side features a sheltered bay that is also great for snorkelers.


Racha Noi

Depth 15 - 40 m. Located close to Rach Yai, this island offers plenty of dive sites for more experienced divers. The underwater topography here is diverse and varied and if you are lucky you will be able to spot some of the larger marine life like manta rays and whale sharks.


King Cruiser Wreck

Depth 15 - 35 m. The King Cruiser is a two hulled ferry that sank in 1997 on its way to Phi Phi Island and is one of the most famous wrecks in southern Thailand. She sits upright on the bottom and at 85 m long is a very interesting wreck to explore. Time and the warm sea water has caused some damage to the upper decks but it is still in a reasonably good condition. Covered in a multitude of corals the wreck attracts large amount of marine life, with schools of fish regularly appearing, numerous lion fish and even the occasional turtle.


Shark Point

Depth 5 - 25 m. Located near to King Cruiser this site consists of two separate peaks, one of which breaks the surface. Each pinnacle offers a wide variety of breathtaking scenes with lots of soft corals and schools of fish. Leopard sharks are common here and seahorses can also be found. Visibility varies from 10 – 30 m.


Anemone Reef

Depth 5 - 30 m. Situated close to both Shark Point and the King Cruiser wreck is this very beautiful and colourful reef. Anemone reef is rich in marine life including tuna, mackerel and, as the name suggests, anemone (Nemo) fish. Turtles are also a common site here.


Koh Dok Mai

Depth 5 – 35 m. This small island rises almost vertically from the sea. Underwater a wall surrounds the island that is teeming with life. Large schools of glass fish are a regular site and the sheltered walls offer excellent living conditions for lobsters and small crabs. Seahorses are also commonly found here.


Phi Phi Island

Depth 5-25 m.  Around Phi Phi Island is numerous dives sites which are suitable for beginners and the experienced divers. Here is a good change to see reef sharks and sea turtles. The area has a lot of  live corals. 


Mai Ton

Depth 5-12m.  Mai Ton is 2014 opened diving destination. Coral reefs are incredible good condition, and the underwater life belongs definitely among the best nearby places in Phuket. A lot of hard and soft corals, murenas, barracudas, turtles and even eagle rays.