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Myanmar Dive Sites

Myanmar is visited by liveaboard vessels that depart from Phuket.


Western Rocky

This is a versatile dive site that consists of a small island with a swim through going through the middle of it. The tunnel is a favourite resting place for sharks and there are many different species to be found here including black and white tips, grey reef sharks and bull sharks.

Even without encountering the sharks you will be surprised at the rich life on the walls and the wide variety of colourful corals. You’ll also see plenty of reef fish like emperor fish and a variety of different moray eels. This dive site is the perfect place for underwater photography and night diving.


Black Rock

Black Rock is one of Myanmars most spectacular and famous dive sites in Mergui. It is located far from the it’s coral covered walls attract a lot of big fish, different species of sharks and rays as well as large schools of fish. The islands walls fall in stages to a depth of over 70 m and you can see almost anything on a dive here from manta rays, to rare moray eels and sea snakes.


Shark Cave

This is one of the most popular dive sites in the Mergui archipelago. The popularity is reflected by the fact that this site is also know by many other names. Here three stones rise up from a depth of 40 m to break the surface, providing perhaps the most concentrated amount of marine life in the whole archipelago. The wall is covered in coral and is one of the best places to find harlequin crabs. There is also a large and interesting canyon that leads to the cave that is usually guarded by grey reef sharks.