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Diving Courses


Recreational Diving

For more than 40 years, SSI has provided training, scuba diving certification, and educational resources for divers, dive instructors, dive centres and resorts around the world. Started in 1970, SSI has expanded to include more than 30 Service Centres, is represented in more than 110 countries with over 2.500 International locations, and has materials printed in more than 40 languages.

SSI is clearly the name to trust in the diving world, and we attribute that success to our uncompromising standards and focused methodology.

Diving is a safe hobby that you can partake in anywhere in the world and is the perfect way to make the most of the tropical weather in South East Asia. The waters are warm and clear and learning to dive will allow you to be one of the few people to experience the amazing underwater vistas, from breathtaking scenes full of colourful corals, reef fish and turtles to ship wrecks and giant creatures like the gentle manta rays and whale sharks.


Become a Diver - Start today!

First Buddy Divers offer study material and training in your own language and we guarantee the best possible service. If you want to maximise your time in the water during your holiday you can complete the theory section of your course before travel. SSI offers complete online learning that you can access in the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you. With the link below, you can register to all of the courses: 



Can I try diving?  

Yes! SSI's Try Scuba Diving will get you in the water today. Our qualified instructors will give you a short safety brief and help you into you diving equipment. After a few quick skills in shallow water the instructor will take you on tour of the dive site. You will experience the magic feeling of being weightless and breathing under water and get a taste of the beauty of the underwater world. 

Once you are a qualified diver you have the ability to develop your skills according to your interests. There are many specialised courses available, such as underwater photography, wreck diving and deep diving, that allow you to expand your knowledge and practice the skills you will need to explore your interests further. 

Minimum age for diving is 8 years.

Before diving each person must fill out a medical statement, you can view it here. 

Open Water Diver

OWD course is designed for beginners, who have little or no experience of scuba diving. You will learn all the necessary skills and safety rules so that you feel comfortable and confident under the surface. Open Water Diver certification cards are valid all over the world and you can dive with other certified divers to a depth of 18m.

Advanced Adventurer and Specialty Programs

After Open Water Diver course you can continue to Advanced Adventurer course or continue straight to the Specialty programs. During the Advanced Adventurer Program you will have the chance to try out 5 different specialties. You will complete one open water training dive per specialty and if you decide to take a full course in any of the specialties you tried, the dive you took can be applied to your advanced certification.

SSI's specialty programs

Here are the options to select from:


Certifications free of charge

SSI’s Advanced Diver rating stands alone in the industry with the highest combination of diving knowledge and experience. No other agency’s advanced diver level compares. You need only log your dives to Dive SSI App online Log Book.

To earn the certification for Specialty Diver
you must complete 2 specialty courses and have done a total of 12 dives.

To earn the certification for Advanced Open Water Diver
 you must complete 4 specialty courses and have done a total of 24 dives.

To earn the certification for Master Diver
 you must complete 4 specialty courses, Stress & rescue course and have done a total of 50 dives.

Experience Recognition

Set yourself some personal goals and get the recognition you deserve. The more diving you do the higher the recognition you can receive. Each time you reach a new level in experience, you will be rewarded with an upgraded recognition card. These cards symbolise excellence, commitment and loyalty in diving. You need only log your dives to Dive SSI App online Log Book. 


Ask for more information about Professional courses.


Technical Diving

Technical diving is a form of diving that exceeds the no decompression limits of recreational diving, usually involving deeper and longer dives. Safety is the number one priority in technical diving and this is ensured by the use of specialised equipment and techniques and advanced training courses.

Technical diving courses teach the theory and skills required for decompression dives and they also focus on increasing a diver’s ability to independently handle problems underwater. This leads to greatly increased confidence in any diving situation and allows divers to enjoy the underwater world much more than in standard recreational diving.

Quickly gaining in popularity is Sidemount diving which can be utilised for both recreational and technical dives. This is a great way for you to try out the world of technical diving, even without doing decompression dives, as the theory, techniques and skills you will learn in the TDI Sidemount Course are also used by the most advanced technical divers.

Sidemount diving requires a specialised harness that allows you to carry two tanks, one under each arm. This creates an effortless, streamlined swimming position under the water and also doubles the amount of breathing gas you can carry giving you longer and more enjoyable dives. This configuration is perfect for underwater photographers and gives many benefits for those interested in exploring caves and wrecks.

Is Sidemount diving for me?

Sidemount diving is the perfect first step for divers of any experience level who want to take their diving beyond the traditional recreational diving. It is also ideal for underwater photographers or videographers as the Sidemount configuration makes maintaining your position in the water easy. Sidemount harnesses systems are lighter and more compact than traditional recreational BCD’s making them a great option for travellers. Also, when diving Sidemount the tanks are generally carried into the water by hand leaving you free and manoeuvrable on dry land, even in full kit.


To see the full  course descriptions and requirement follow the links below:


Open Circuit

Cave Diving Courses

Closed Circuit Rebreather Courses
(Megalodon and Poseidon)

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